University of Notre Dame

Volume 95, Issue 5

95 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1809–2172


The Enduring Challenges for Habeas Corpus

Diane P. Wood, 95 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1809 (2020)

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The Great Writ and Federal Courts: Judge Wood's Solution in Search of a Problem

William H. Pryor, Jr. , 95 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1835 (2020)

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A Survivor's Perspective: Federal Judicial Selection from George Bush to Donald Trump

Leslie H. Southwick, 95 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1847 (2020)

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Certification Comes of Age: Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Cooperative Judicial Federalism

Hon. Kenneth F. Ripple & Kari Anne Gallagher, 95 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1927 (2020)

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A Workable Substantive Due Process

Hon. Timothy M. Tymkovich, Joshua Dos Santos & Joshua J. Craddock, 95 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1961 (2020)

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Only Where Justified: Toward Limits and Explanatory Requirements for Nationwide Injunctions

Milan D. Smith, Jr., 95 Notre Dame L. Rev. 2013 (2020)

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Toward a More Apparent Approach to Considering the Admission of Expert Testimony

Thomas D. Schroeder, 95 Notre Dame L. Rev. 2039 (2020)

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Adequate and Effective: Postconviction Relief Through Section 2255 and Intervening Changes in Law

Ethan D. Beck, 95 Notre Dame L. Rev. 2063 (2020)

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The VRA at a Crossroads: The Ability of Section 2 to Address Discriminatory Districting on the Eve of the 2020 Census

Ben Boris, 95 Notre Dame L. Rev. 2093 (2020)

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A Different Kind of Prisoner's Dilemma: The Right to the Free Exercise of Religion for Incarcerated Persons

Daniel T. Judge, 95 Notre Dame L. Rev. 2119 (2020)

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"Of Substantial Religious Importance": A Case for a Deferential Approach to the Ministerial Exception

Allison H. Pope, 95 Notre Dame L. Rev. 2145 (2020)

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