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Notre Dame Law Review Submissions Guidelines

The Law Review strongly prefers to receive submissions online via Scholastica. Direct email submissions will also be accepted at The Law Review typically will not consider hard copy submissions. In addition to the manuscript, we require the submission to be accompanied by a curriculum vitae. Citations in the manuscript should appear in footnotes and be consistent with the 21st edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.

The Law Review prefers to publish full-length articles (i.e., 15,000 to 25,000 words, footnotes included), but will consider shorter essays or comments at its discretion. Similarly, while the Law Review prefers to publish law professors, it will consider submissions from practitioners, clerks, etc., at its discretion. The Law Review typically will not publish the work of a student who does not attend the Notre Dame Law School.

To submit works to the Notre Dame Law Review Reflection, please use Reflection’s Scholastica or email

The Law Review staff works tirelessly throughout the submissions process to review submitted manuscripts. Once the submissions review process is fully underway, it is our intention to provide feedback to the author within seven days. However, given the high volume of submissions we receive during the spring, that will not always be possible. Accordingly, we encourage authors to utilize Scholastica’s “expedite” function to alert the Law Review when they have received a formal offer from another journal. This will allow us to ensure that we review submissions in a timely manner and give authors full consideration before accepting or rejecting the offer.

If the Law Review extends an offer of publication, the window in which the offer remains open can vary depending on when the article was submitted, how quickly the submission was reviewed and an offer extended, etc. This “offer window” could be anywhere from two to five days, and as noted above, could arrive within one week of submission, if not sooner. The Law Review may grant extensions in certain circumstances, but extensions will be rare and at the discretion of the journal.

If you have any questions about the Law Review’s submissions guidelines, please contact the Executive Articles Editor at or 574-631-7097. If you have any questions about Reflection‘s submissions process, please contact the Executive Online Editor at If you require technical assistance with Scholastica, please contact Brian Cody at or online at