University of Notre Dame


The Notre Dame Law Review affords its members an invaluable opportunity for training in precise analysis of current legal problems and in clear and cogent presentation of legal issues. The Law Review seeks hardworking and dedicated students who are eager to take on the significant commitment that membership requires.

Each year, the Law Review selects a staff of approximately twenty-five rising second-year students. As a staff member, second-year students are required to complete three rounds of editing assignments on each of the five issues the Law Review publishes annually. In addition, students produce a Note, a piece of original scholarship that is considered for publication.

The Law Review extends offers to those students with the top fifteen Grade Point Averages in the class at the end of the first year. The remaining ten slots are filled through the Writing Competition held each spring upon completion of final examinations. The Writing Competition includes an editing assignment and the production of a Note based on a uniform topic with a closed universe of sources. From these materials, Law Review members are selected anonymously based on a formula that considers academic achievement, writing and analytical skills, and editing prowess.

First-year students will receive more information on the entire Notre Dame Law School journal selection process and on the Writing Competition in April of their second semester.