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Featured Articles vol. 91, issue 5

Honoring Dan Meltzer

Bradford R. Clark, 91 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1739

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On Viewing the Courts as Junior Partners of Congress in Statutory Interpretation Cases: An Essay Celebrating the Scholarship of Daniel J. Meltzer

Richard H. Fallon, Jr., 91 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1743

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Honoring Dan Meltzer—Congressional Standing and the Institutional Framework of Article III: A Comparative Perspective

Vicki C. Jackson, 91 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1783

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A Cause of Action, Anyone?: Federal Equity and the Preemption of State Law

Henry Paul Monaghan, 91 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1807

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Revising Our "Common Intellectual Heritage": Federal and State Courts in Our Federal System

Judith Resnik, 91 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1831

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An Incomplete Discussion of "Arising Under" Jurisdiction

David L. Shapiro, 91 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1931

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A "Second Magna Carta": The English Habeas Corpus Act and the Statutory Origins of the Habeas Privilege

Amanda L. Tyler, 91 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1949

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Compensation's Role in Deterrence

Russell M. Gold, 91 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1997

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Corporate Criminal Minds

Mihailis E. Diamantis, 91 Notre Dame L. Rev. 2049

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