University of Notre Dame

Volume 85, Issue 5


Re-examining Customary International Law and the Federal Courts: An Introduction

Anthony J. Bellia Jr., 85 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1787

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The Political Branches and the Law of Nations

Anthony J. Bellia Jr. and Bradford R. Clark, 85 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1795

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State Action and Corporate Human Rights Liability

Curtis A. Bradley, 85 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1823

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The Constitution and the Laws of War During the Civil War

Andrew Kent, 85 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1839

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The Alien Tort Statute and Federal Common Law: A New Approach

Ingrid Wuerth, 85 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1931

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“Ensuring So Grave a Choice Is Well Informed”: The Use of Abortion Informed Consent Laws to Promote State Interests in Unborn Life

Kaitlin Moredock, 85 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1973

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“Are You Serious?”: Examining the Constitutionality of an Individual Mandate for Health Insurance

Ryan C. Patterson, 85 Notre Dame L. Rev. 2003

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Defending the “Other” First Amendment Freedom: State Campaign Disclosure Laws and the Free Exercise of Religion

Meghan E. Sweeney, 85 Notre Dame L. Rev. 2033

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