University of Notre Dame

Volume 84, Issue 1


Climate Change Confusion and the Supreme Court: The Misguided Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Under the Clean Air Act

Jason Scott Johnston, 84 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1

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Corporate Misconduct and the Perfect Storm of Shareholder Litigation

Jessica Erickson, 84 Notre Dame L. Rev. 75

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Why Protect Private Arms Possession? Nine Theories of the Second Amendment

Michael Steven Green, 84 Notre Dame L. Rev. 131

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The Fundamental Goal of Antitrust: Protecting Consumers, Not Increasing Efficiency

John B. Kirkwood & Robert H. Lande, 84 Notre Dame L. Rev. 191

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What is the Erie Doctrine? (And What Does It Mean for the Contemporary Politics of Judicial Federalism?)

Adam N. Steinman, 84 Notre Dame L. Rev. 245

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Opting Out of the Internet in the United States and the European Union: Copyright, Safe Harbors, and International Law

Hannibal Travis, 84 Notre Dame L. Rev. 331

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The Foundations of the American Common Market

Norman R. Williams, 84 Notre Dame L. Rev. 409

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The Root of All Evil: Expanding Criminal Liability for Providing Material Support to Terror

James J. Ward, 84 Notre Dame L. Rev. 471

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