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Notre Dame Law Review Hosts Annual Symposium

November 7, 2013

Symposium 1On November 1st the Notre Dame Law Review, in conjunction with the Notre Dame Program on Constitutional Structure and the Clynes Chair Lecture Series, hosted its annual Symposium.  This year’s Symposium was titled The Evolution of Theory: Discerning the Catalysts of Constitutional Change, and the event focused on identifying the drivers of constitutional change.  There were three panels, each focusing on a different time of noted change in constitutional theory in the twenty-first century.

The first panel focused on the Lochner Era and the New Deal Court.  The panelists were David Bernstein, Barry Cushman, and Samuel Olken, with William Kelley providing commentary.  The second panel looked at the Warren and Burger Courts. The panelists were Lucas Powe, Brad Snyder, and Ryan Williams, with David Strauss providing commentary.  The final panel explored the forces driving the conservative revival of the Rehnquist and Roberts Courts.  The panelists were Kurt Lash, Stephen Sachs, and Keith Whittington, with Amy Barrett providing commentary.

The Notre Dame Law Review was proud to host all of these excellent scholars as well as our Keynote Speaker, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

We look forward to publishing the panelists’ presented papers in Issue 5 of Volume 89, due out in Spring 2014.

Please scroll down to view photos from the event!

Symposium 2

Professor Keith Whittington addresses the Rehnquist and Roberts panel

Symposium 5

Professor Stephen Sachs, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and Professor Kurt Lash

Symposium 6

Professor Amy Barrett provides commentary on the Rehnquist and Roberts Courts

Symposium 8

Notre Dame Law Review members Francesca Genova, Krista Pikus, Patrick Cassidy, and Jon Heintz with Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Symposium 9

Professor Bill Kelley introduces Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Symposium 10

Professors Barry Cushman and David Strauss