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The Notre Dame Law Review launched Notre Dame Law Review Online in December 2014. Beginning with Volume 95, the online supplement is now the Notre Dame Law Review Reflection. The name change is an homage to the Law Review’s dedication to “Our Lady, Mirror of Justice.”

This online supplement to the print edition contains a variety of content, including essays, recent case summaries, case comments, and legal analysis from leading practitioners. Notre Dame Law Review Reflection expands the scope of the Law Review, and allows the journal to work inclusively with all students at Notre Dame Law School.

The Law Review publishes content on a rolling basis throughout the academic year, and submissions are accepted via Scholastica or at The Law Review is not accepting submissions at this time. Submissions for Volume 98 will be accepted starting in February 2022. Notre Dame Law Review Reflection welcomes submissions from current students and alumni, as well as from experienced practitioners and professors. Student publications are not limited to members of the Law Review.

Please contact the Executive Online Editor at for more information about Notre Dame Law Review Reflection.