University of Notre Dame

Volume 88, Issue 4


Time-bars: Rico-Criminal and Civil-Federal and State

G. Robert Blakey, 88 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1581

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Optimizing English and American Security Interests

Lynn M. LoPucki, Arvin I. Abraham, Bernd P. Delahaye, 88 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1785

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The Twin Aims of Erie

Michael Steven Green, 88 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1865

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Sustained Dissent and the Extended Deliberative Process

Jon G. Heintz, 88 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1939

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The Resurrection of the "Single Scheme" Exclusion to Rico's Pattern Requirement

Kevin J. Murphy, 88 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1991

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Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?: The Potential Concerns of Finding More Parents and Fewer Legal Strangers in California's Recently-Proposed Multiple-Parents Bill

Elizabeth A. Pfenson, 88 Notre Dame L. Rev. 2023

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