University of Notre Dame

Volume 86, Issue 4


Regulating Systemic Risk: Towards an Analytical Framework

man Anabtawi & Steven L. Schwarcz, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1349 (2011)

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Special Education, Poverty, and the Limits Of Private Enforcement

Eloise Pasachoff, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1431 (2011)

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Customary International Law as U.S. Law: A Critique of the Revisionist and Intermediate Positions, and a Defense of the Modern Position

Carlos M. Vazquez, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1495 (2011)

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Is There Still a “Catholic Question” in America? Reflections on John F. Kennedy’s Speech to the Houston Ministerial Association

Michael W. McConnell, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1635 (2011)

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The Case Against Institutional Conscience

Spencer L. Durland, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1655 (2011)

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Taking Conscience Seriously or Seriously Takings Conscience?: Obstetricians, Specialty Boards, and the Takings Clause

Michael A. Fragoso, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1687 (2011)

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The “Mosaic Theory” and Fourth Amendment Law

Benjamin M. Ostrander, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1733 (2011)

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“Preserving” Civil RICO: How Model Unfair Trade affect RICO’s Private Right of Action Under the McCarran-Ferguson Act

G. Ryan Snyder, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1767 (2011)

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