University of Notre Dame

Volume 86, Issue 3

Federal Courts, Practice & Procedure

Shedding Light on Shady Grove: Further Reflections on the Erie Doctrine from a Conflicts Perspective

Joseph P. Bauer, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 939 (2011)

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The Repressible Myth of Shady Grove

Kevin M. Clermont, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 987 (2011)

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The Standard for Measuring the Validity of a Federal Rule of Civil Procedure: The Shady Grove Debate Between Justices Scalia and Stevens

Allan Ides, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1041 (2011)

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The Litigation-Arbitration Dichotomy Meets the Class Action

Richard A. Nagareda, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1069 (2011)

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Our Class Action Federalism: Erie and the Rules Enabling Act After Shady Grove

Adam N. Steinman, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1131 (2011)

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Institutional Practice, Procedural Uniformity, and As-Applied Challenges Under the Rules Enabling Act

Catherine T. Struve, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1181 (2011)

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Powers, Rights, and Section 25

Ann Woolhandler, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1241 (2011)

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Science, Law, and Truth: Defining the Scope of the Daubert Trilogy

Megan Dillhoff, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1289 (2011)

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Where to Put It All? Opening the Judicial Road for a Long-Term Solution to the Nation’s Nuclear Waste Problem

Tom Kenny, 86 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1319 (2011)

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