University of Notre Dame


Welcome to the Lawyer.2d

Jacquelyn Fradette, July 12, 2013


In the 1927-1928 Notre Dame yearbook, the editors of the Notre Dame Lawyer, the predecessor to the Notre Dame Law Review, described the publication’s role in legal education and legal scholarship, curiously, though the opening scenes in Hansel and Gretel. On Hansel and Gretel’s first trip through the woods, Hansel dropped shiny pebbles behind them to mark the path they had taken, that in the moonlight easily pointed their way home and to safety. On the second trip, Hansel instead left a trail of bread crumbs which were quickly eaten by ravens, leaving the brother and sister lost in the woods. The law students at the helm of the Notre Dame Lawyer in 1930 felt that role of the publication was to leave behind a trail of pebbles—lasting legal scholarship on issues of importance and practicality, rather than breadcrumbs—which would be transient and of poor quality to serve its purpose. As they saw it, the purpose of trade publications such as the Notre Dame Lawyer was to provide guidance to young lawyers who would be “lost in the mazes if they did not have some shining pebbles to guide them along the way.” As the Notre Dame Law Review finishes its ninth decade of striving to provide high quality scholarship, the editors of Volume 89 have decided to launch this online supplement, Lawyer.2d, to explore legal news and issues as they unfold. The name of the forum pays homage to the original name of the Law Review, the Notre Dame Lawyer, and the content of this online supplement will seek to pay homage to the lofty goal of the publication’s earliest editors: to provide lasting information and analysis that will show the signal through the noise.